Terramino Foods

Terramino Foods

We are reimagining protein for a sustainable future.



We believe in a food system that sustains people and the planet.  

The challenge of achieving a truly sustainable food system involves rethinking the we eat. 

Terramino products provide an alternative to seafood and meat made from fungi, a complete protein, packed with amino acids, and untainted by the toxins, ecological damage, and harmful pollution and antibiotics involved in animal agriculture.  Made for meat eaters and plant-lovers alike. 


Reimagining protein with fungi.

We want to use the biological wonders of Koji fungi to transform how we consume protein. Our products are a natural, protein-rich alternative to meat, and a small bite of the change we envision. 

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                     Wholesome: all natural                                                                    non-GMO ingredients

Sustainable: resource-efficient brewing process

Protein-rich: Digestible,                                    clean source of protein

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                 Animal-Free: relieving pressure                             on our planet and ecosystems  

                 Affordable: comparable to                                grocery store meat and seafood

               Delicious: most importantly,                                  amazing taste and flavor!


Why Fish-Free?

We're starting with seafood. Terramino products were created with the hope of satisfying seafood and meat lovers while mitigating harm to the marine environment. 

  • The oceans sustains healthy animals and humans. 
  • More than half of all global fisheries are fully fished and a third are overfished.
  • Fish farms rely heavily on pesticides, antibiotics, and other chemical treatments, making them a breeding ground for pollution and antibiotic resistance. 

Our Team

We at Terramino are a team of food-loving biologists and entrepreneurs and we're hungry for change. We want to change the world with sustainable, wholesome, and delicious products.   



Want to change the future of food for the better? 

We have full-time and internship openings and are looking for those with the following skillsets:

- Microbiology and Microbial Fermentation

- Chemical Engineering

- Food Science and Flavor Chemistry

- Marketing and Social Media

- Business Development

We value collaboration and are a team of thinkers and doers. Learn and grow with us (figuratively and literally)! 

Let's talk! Send an email with your resume and cover letter to careers@terramino.com

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Press and other inquiries: info@terramino.com

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