Terramino Foods

Terramino Foods

We are reimagining protein for a sustainable future.



We believe in a food system that sustains people and the planet.  

The challenge of achieving a truly sustainable food system involves rethinking the way we eat. 

Terramino products provide an alternative to seafood and meat made from fungi, a complete protein, packed with amino acids, and untainted by the toxins, ecological damage, and harmful pollution and antibiotics involved in animal agriculture.  Made for meat eaters and plant-lovers alike. 


Reimagining protein with fungi.

We want to use the biological wonders of Koji fungi to transform how we consume protein. Our products are a natural, protein-rich alternative to meat, and a small bite of the change we envision. 

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Wholesome: all natural non-GMO ingredients

Sustainable: resource-efficient brewing process

Protein-rich: Digestible,  clean source of protein

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Animal-Free: relieving pressure on our planet and ecosystems  

Affordable: comparable to     grocery store meat and seafood

Delicious: most importantly, amazing taste and flavor!


Why Fish-Free?

We're starting with seafood. Terramino products were created with the hope of satisfying seafood and meat lovers while mitigating harm to the marine environment. 

  • The oceans sustains healthy animals and humans. 
  • More than half of all global fisheries are fully fished and a third are overfished.
  • Fish farms rely heavily on pesticides, antibiotics, and other chemical treatments, making them a breeding ground for pollution and antibiotic resistance. 

Our Team

We at Terramino are a team of food-loving biologists and entrepreneurs and we're hungry for change. We want to change the world with sustainable, wholesome, and delicious products.   


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